Apr. New Frontier Partners Co., Ltd. (a current consolidated subsidiary) changed its corporate name to AG Capital Corporation.
Apr. New Frontier Partners Co., Ltd. (a current consolidated subsidiary), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, acquired all shares in BUSINEXT CORPORATION (a current consolidated subsidiary) owned by the Company and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited and made it a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Jul. Under the group reorganization, credit sales business as well as the credit guarantee and insurance businesses of LIFE Co., Ltd were transferred to LIFE CARD Co., Ltd by way of corporate spinoff and merger
Furthermore, four consolidated subsidiaries (LIFE Co., Ltd (following its spin-off), City's Corporation, City Green Corporation and Marutoh KK) were merger with AIFUL
Jul. Subsidiary LIFE Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary) established a wholly owned subsidiary for the credit card business and credit guarantee business, called Life Card Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary)
Apr. Dislisted voluntarily from Osaka Securities Exchange
Sep. Transferred all shares of 4 subsidiaries, Wide Corporation, TRYTO Corporation, TCM. Co.Ltd., and Passkey Co.,Ltd, to NEOLINE CAPITAL Co.,Ltd.
Feb. Issued new shares thtough third-party and offered new convertible bonds
Jun. Introduction of executive officer system
Apr. Revised management philosophy. The new management philosophy is "Earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in integrity"
Established Risk Management Committee
Mar. Absorption merger of id Credit Corporation and Net One Club Corporation
Apr. Established a new company, AGM Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Introduced 8th Scoring System
Feb. id Credit Corporation and Net One Club Corporation are commenced operations
Sep. Established specialized internet loan companies, id Credit Corporation and Net One Club Corporation
Mar. Converted Passkey Co., Ltd. into 100% subsidiary
Feb. Converted TCM. Co. Ltd. into 100% subsidiary
Jul. KOKUSAI Capital Corporation changed its name to New Frontier Partners Co., Ltd.
Jun. Converted Wide Corporation into 100% subsidiary
Apr. Concluded sponsor agreement with TCM. Co. Ltd.
Happy Credit Corporation merged with Sinwa Co., Ltd., and Sanyo Shinpan Co., Ltd. The incorporated company changed its name to Tryto Corporation.
Mar. Converted KOKUSAI Capital Co., Ltd. into 100% subsidiary
Feb. Sold Taiwan-style "family restaurant" business, Alishan to BB Restaurant Service corp.
Jan. Joined the Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren)
Received "Listed Company Disclosure Commendation from the "Tokyo Stock Exchange
Oct. Converted business finance company City's Co. Ltd. into 100% subsidiary
Jun. Entered cash dispenser/ATM alliance with city banks
Acquired MasterCard International principal member license
May. Formed a partnership for business loan guarantee with Daiwa Bank, Ltd.,
Apr. Introduced 7th Scoring System,
Established Compliance Committee
AIFUL services made available from ATMs of group companies Happy Cedit Co., Ltd., Sinwa Co., Ltd., and Sanyo Shinpan Co., Ltd.
Mar. Purchased claims from business loan division of Misawa Homes Co., Ltd.
Feb. AIFUL services made available from ATMs of group company Sinwa Co., Ltd.
Dec. Introduced stock options
Nov. Partial transfer of treasury stock (4.12%) related to LIFE Co., Ltd., to main financial institutions
Established servicer company AsTry Loan Services Corporation in joint venture with Aozora Bank, Ltd.
Aug. Issued 8.5 million new shares through public subscription (domestic and overseas) and raised 83.3 billion in new capital.
Jun. Converted Sanyo Shinpan Co., Ltd., into 100% subsidiary
Apr. Introduced loan adviser system
Mar. Converted LIFE Co., Ltd., into 100% subsidiary
Feb. Completed new headquarters building (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)
Jan. Established business finance company Businext Co., Ltd. through a joint venture with Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.
Oct. Concluded sponsor agreement with LIFE, a sales finance company
Jun. 100% subsidiary of AIFUL took over operating assets from Happy Credit Co., Ltd., and Sky Co., Ltd., and commenced operations as Happy Credit Co., Ltd.
Converted Sinwa Co., Ltd., into 100% subsidiary (share exchange method)
ICapital increased to 39.78852 billion yen
May. Reached two million customer accounts
Implemented stock split at 1.5 shares for 1 ordinary par value share
Apr. Launched "e-cashing" Internet cashing service
Mar. Balance of loans reaches one trillion yen
Listed on First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange and First Section, Osaka Securities Exchange
Sep. Completed installation of 16 "Concentration Centers" for automated loan agreement machines
Jul. Concluded agreement on transfer of operating assets of Nippon Benefit Co., Ltd.
May. Implemented stock split at 1.2 shares for 1 ordinary par value share
Registered as certified finance corporation based on "Law Concerning the Issuance of Corporate Bonds for the Financial Industry Loan Business" (Kinki Bureau of Finance Chief No. 1)
Feb. Opened automated application teller "Concentration Center Kyoto"
Oct. Listed company's stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section, Osaka Stock Exchange Second Section and Kyoto Stock Exchange
Apr. Issued 4.0 million new shares through public subscription
Oct. Began full-scale sales of commercial loans for consumers
Jul. Over-the-counter registration of company's stock with the Japan Securities Dealers Association
Jan. Launched association of five consumer credit companies
Nov. Opened Heartful Center (now Contact Center, the company's centralized management center for toll-free inquiries and loan applications)
Mar. Absorption merger of MARUTOH Co., Ltd. (Based on the merger, established Amusement Business Section in the Restaurant and Entertainment Department as the group responsible for the company's karaoke business.)
Dec. Converted MARUTOH Co., Ltd. (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto: real estate business) into a subsidiary
Oct. Special sponsor of AIFUL Cup Kyushu Sports Festa in Kamitsue '93.
Aug. Opened Taiwanese Family Restaurant "Arisan" in Kyoto
Feb. Began operation of the AI Computing Center, Aiful's dedicated computer information processing facility
Aug. Absorption merger of Toshi Finance Co., Ltd.. (Based on the merger, established Aiful's Secured Loan Department (Now the Secured Loan Business Department) as a specialized division for large-sum real estate-secured loans)
Jul. Introduced auto-pricing system (System for automatically performing periodic credit examinations after customers borrow)
Aug. All branches begin handling loans secured by real estate
May. Received transfer of business rights for loan business from Marumiya Co., Ltd.
Mar. Introduced first Scoring System (automated credit check system)
Oct. Began sales of real estate-secured loans
Mar. Registration of money lenders based on enactment of the Money Lending Business Control Law
Feb. Start of ATM operations (AIFUL Fine Cards issued)
Jul. Began providing unsecured loans for sole proprietors
May. Marutaka, Inc. absorbs three related companies (Oasa, Inc., Yamakatsu Sangyo, Inc., Maruto, Inc.) and increases its equity capital to (0 million
Name simultaneously changed to AIFUL CORPORATION
Feb. Established Marutaka, Inc. (now AIFUL CORPORATION) with capital of 9.0 million. in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Began unsecured consumer loan business with four branches: Kyoto Branch (now closed), Fukuoka Branch (now the Hakata Branch), Nagasaki Branch (now the Nagasaki-Hamamachi Branch) and Kokura Branch (now the Kokura-Kyomachi Branch)
Apr. Yoshitaka Fukuda, AIFUL CORPORATION's current president, establishes a sole proprietorship as a consumer finance company