Corporate Philosophy

AIFUL has established a new management philosophy, "Earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in intergrity" The new management philosophy represents the ultimate objective for its work as a company and provides intellectual support for its employees as they perform their jobs.

The Management Philosophy is at the pinnacle of and supported by three other elements: the Four Cornerstones, which serve as guidelines for conscience; 10 Point Code of Conduct, which are guidelines for conduct; and the Core Employee Values, which are concrete points that make up the appropriate employee mindset. 



1. Customer first policy
     The customer is our number-one priority --- we will strive to provide appropriate services that
    offer customers peace of mind.
2. Accountability to customers
     We will clearly and concisely explain the details and conditions related to our products and
     transactions to customers.
3. Respect views both inside and outside the Company
    We will humbly listen to the opinions of customers, members of the public and shareholders as
    well as our colleagues within the Company, and apply their views to the benefit of the Company.
4. Legal compliance
    We pledge to act in accordance with laws, Company rules and regulations, and the standards
    of public decency.
5. Contribution to society
    We will delight in contributing to the betterment of society through our work.
6. Information disclosure
    We will accurately and expediently disclose information on our corporate activities to
    shareholders, investors and society as a whole.
7. Building a fulfilling workplace
    We will create a workplace that provides a sense of purpose by respecting our co-workers
    as individuals and working to continue our own personal development.
8. Commitment to shareholders
    We will meet the expectations of our shareholders and strive to increase corporate value.
9. Sound corporate activities
    We will have no relationship with antisocial forces of any kind.
10. Group compliance
    We will do our utmost to build an AIFUL Group that is respected by customers and society
    as a whole.

1. Independence
    Do not rely on others ----- think independently, act independently.
2. Discipline
    Always remain aware that you are a member of society and this organization ----- strictly follow
3. Ambition
    Always stay motivated to improve yourself and actively take on new challenges.
4. Creativity
    Avoid stereotyping and enhance your work through creative solutions.
5. Cooperative spirit
    Leverage the organization's competencies through collaboration and cooperation.
6. Numerical awareness
    Appraise the facts using numerical data and make objective decisions.