President's Message

To Our Investors and Shareholders

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our stakeholders for their support.

We aim to become a “leading company for comprehensive retail
financial services” that is trusted by customers by delivering
products and services tailored to their needs.

Under its corporate philosophy, “earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in integrity,” the AIFUL Group makes it its mission to contribute to the economy and society by offering support for the sound consumer and business activities of customers. Setting priority on compliance and a customer first policy, the Group has striven to diversify its financial businesses, including the consumer finance business, the credit card business, the small business loan business and the guarantee business, to provide financial products and services tailored to needs of customers since its foundation in Kyoto in 1967. The Group has continually pursued the path to be a “leading company for comprehensive retail financial services.”

- Compliance -
Compliance in the AIFUL Group means “not only satisfying legal compliance, but also responding to the expectations of all stakeholders.” The Group strives to carry out daily operations to fulfill the sound expectations of customers, shareholders, employees, and local communities, not only based on the legal compliance, but also correct moral and ethical values.

- Customer first policy -
The AIFUL Group defines the customer first policy as “gaining lasting support and trust by prioritizing customers and responding to them with integrity.” To realize the customer first policy, the Group utilizes its strength, which is creativity, to bolster its product development capabilities, including FinTech, to cope with the rapidly changing trends of the times, while at the same time enhance its credit strength, the bedrock of the financial business. Moreover, each employee provides products and services that meet needs of customers by always thinking about “what is beneficial for customers.” Through these initiatives, the Group strives to gain lasting support and trust from customers.

The scale of the consumer credit market has contracted significantly due to rising demands for interest repayments in accordance with a ruling by Japan’s Supreme Court in 2006, as well as the introduction of restrictions on total lending limits following the revision of the Money Lending Business Act. However, with a decline in demand for interest repayments, the scale of the market has recently started to grow. In this environment, the AIFUL Group also started to record a higher loan balance, but there are still issues to be addressed, such as the continued high level of demands for interest repayments and the strengthening of the Group’s financial foundation. In regards to future initiatives, the Group will work to urgently address these issues and take measures to resume growth by focusing on balancing the essence of the business, the profitability, the reliability, the growth potential, and human resources capabilities.

The AIFUL Group remains united in putting forth its best efforts to respond to the support and expectations of all stakeholders in the future. 。

June 2017
President and CEO

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