Management Strategy

Management strategy & priority measures

In order to realize the AIFUL Group’s long-term vision, it is important to practice the corporate philosophy that the Group tirelessly pursues and management that is consistent with the essence of the finance business. The Group will remain committed to the following priority measures with the aim of achieving further growth and development through a management strategy that focuses on reliability, profitability, growth potential, change, and activity, which are the essence of management.

Reliability, Profitability, Growth Potential, Change, and Activity

Promote diversification

While pursuing management reliability and striving to increase outstanding loans in the loan business, the core business of the Group, the AIFUL Group is diversifying its financial businesses and business portfolio by increasing the share of other businesses, including the credit guarantee business and the overseas business.

Reinforce the profit base

The AIFUL Group is seeking to reinforce its profit base in the pursuit of reliability, profitability, and high growth.
While aiming for a 20% shareholders’ equity ratio, which is an indicator of reliability, the Group is striving to expand top line growth by increasing operating assets and to reduce costs by improving rationalization and efficiency through the reduction of procurement costs and introduction of BPR and RPA in an effort to boost profitability. In the medium term, we aim for ROA of more than 2% and ROE of more than 10%. In terms of high growth, we aim to achieve growth of more than 10% per year in operating assets by increasing the balance of the Group’s core loan business as well as that of its credit card, guarantee, and overseas businesses.

Increase M&As and investments

The Group seeks to increase M&As and investments in pursuit of high growth and profitability.

Improve organizational and personnel levels

The Group seeks to improve organizational and personnel levels in pursuit of change and activity.

Expand sales and reduce costs with IT

The Group seeks to expand sales and reduce costs with IT investments in pursuit of change.

Management Strategy