Promoting the compliance system

Prioritizing a customer first policy and thorough compliance, AIFUL promotes various initiatives to enhance its compliance system so that it can satisfy the expectations of its stakeholders and earn the support of society.

Organizational system

As an internal system for promoting compliance, AIFUL has established a corporate philosophy, conduct guidelines, and rules related to the thorough enforcement of compliance. It also issues the AIFUL Group Handbook as well as developing and managing compliance programs including a hotline and the Compliance Committee, which includes external members. It also considers various measures to improve the internal control system and carries out preventive measures.

To reinforce these activities, the Group has installed three lines of defense. The first line of defense is on-site monitoring through self-inspection and the establishment of a Compliance Office in business divisions. The second line of defense is internal control such as awareness-raising, education, and follow-ups by the Corporate Risk Management Department, the division in charge of controlling compliance. The third line of defense is corrective measures determined based on appropriateness and effectiveness as evaluated in periodic audits of the entire Group, including group companies and overseas subsidiaries, by the independent Group Internal Auditing Department.

Approaches to antisocial forces

AIFUL strives to sever ties with antisocial forces, to partner with specialist organizations, and to respond to unreasonable demands in a resolute manner, based on its Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces.
To prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism, AIFUL also carries out KYC (know your customer) in response to the requests of international organizations such as the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), law enforcement, and supervisory authorities.

Please click below for the Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces.