The 66th Social Bond

The 66th Unsecured Bond (Limited Inter-bond Pari Passu Clause) (Social Bond)


With the corporate philosophy of "Earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in integrity," AIFUL Group’s mission is to contribute to the economy and society by supporting our customers' sound consumption and business activities.
Based on this corporate philosophy, the Group is working to develop products based on the concept of financial inclusion and to contribute to the development of domestic industries by supporting companies that take on new challenges with dreams for the future. At the same time, we are working to contribute to society by providing business support to the domestic healthcare and welfare sectors, which have been a major social issue due to the aging of population, and by providing access to financial services in emerging countries with immature financial infrastructures.

Amount issued 15billion
Interest rate 0.87%
Maturity Period 3 years
Use of funds procured For refinancing funds allocated to the eligible social projects as defined in the Social Finance Framework (support for small and medium enterprise, support for medical and nursing facilities, and provision of financial services to individuals in emerging countries)
(News Release) Issue of the 66th Unsecured Straight Corporate Bond (Social Bond)(129KB)