Other Businesses

Servicer and Corporate Turnaround & Restructuring Businesses

AG Loan Services Corporation operates a servicer business, which purchases and collects bad debt of financial institutions.
AG Partners Corporation utilizes its expertise in carrying out a corporate turnaround & restructuring business for a wide range of needs such as real estate revitalization, business restructuring consultancy, and investments related to restructuring.

Venture Captital

AG Capital operates a venture capital business, which invests in venture firms.

Consumer Installment Credit Business, In-house Loan Guarantee Business

AG GUARANTEE CO., LTD. carries out consumer installment credit and in-house loan guarantee businesses, which are installment contracts entered into by AG GUARANTEE CO., LTD. for individual products purchased by consumers.

Rent Liability Guarantee Business

Anshin Guarantor Service operates a rent liability guarantee business, which undertakes joint guarantee in a rent contract as a corporation.
It also handles “Life Anshin Plus”, a product for paying rent with a credit card, in partnership with LIFECARD.

Small Amount Short-Term Insurance

FPC Co., Ltd. operates a pet insurance business, a small-amount, short-term insurance business.